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Daiei’s New Product Series 3 Suggestion for countermeasures to meet with fuel oil pump MGO control

In view of the purpose of prevention of the marine atmospheric pollution caused by vessels, controls have now been made more strict on the sulfur contents in the marine fuel by IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex VI (issued on May 19, 2005). Regarding such gas oil of low sulfur content as marine gas oil, ISO 8217:2006 provides that its kinematic viscosity must be 1.5 to 6.0 cst ,and further restrictions can be foreseen .

This Daiei has been suggesting application of the existing Gear pump and 3 screw pump under the leadership of Taiko Kikai Industries co.,Ltd. thus perfectly according to the standard 1.5 cst (kinematic viscosity : equivalent to that of kerosene) where maximum safety is taken into consideration. Furthermore, there has been a 3 screw pump (Model MSD) newly developed that corresponds to MGO control and this was put in the exhibition in the Sea Japan in Tokyo Big Sight during the period of April 21 through 24, 2010.

Shown below is a summary compiled of the suggested plans.

Gear pump

In the case where NHG of other series (internal bearing) is used, it is based conventionally on the standard of 25.8 cst. However, for it to correspond to the standard of 1.5 cst, the following plans are applicable.:

Plan A To change the pump itself to model MSD(external bearing) that is a low pressure screw pump. (MSD is designed to be compact with a flange motor used.)

Plan B1 (In the case where NHG, HG and VG of 15 〜 50A of bore are continuously used.)
Change the material of the bearing metal and also change the seal to the mechanical type.

Plan B2 (In the case where NHGH, HHC and HG and VG of 65〜150A of bore are continuously used .)
Change the shape of the bearing metal , and also change the seal to the mechanical type. (Depending upon the type, it may be necessary to change the gear shaft.)

3 screw pump

In the case where MSH-X and MSE-X are in use, in order for the standard of 25.8 cst to correspond to 1.5 cst, it is then necessary to change the pump itself to MSB (external bearing) or to MSE (external bearing).
When, however, MSE-X (external bearing) is used, it is possible to correspond by replacing the rotor and sleeve, the main parts, to coated ones. Otherwise,change to Model MSE ,the long sleeve ones.


  • By changing to models MSB and MSD, both the planned pressure and capacity may be met (for the standard 1.5 cst.)
  • For corresponding by changing the parts (or remodeling) of the existing pump of NHG and other series, operation is possible though the pressure to be applied is restricted. Note that in this case, because of low viscosity of oil, the capacity of the pump lowers.
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