Daiei's News Daiei's News 2010.06.30

Daiei’s New Product Series 2 High Pressure Air Dryer(4.5MPa)

Described in the following is the High Pressure Air Dryer(4.5MPa) that operates to thoroughly solve problems that occur due to use of high pressure air.

The marine engine is started with high pressure air compressed through the air compressor. Furthermore, high pressure air is used, after decompressed, to actuate the control valves of various equipments and instruments. However, this high pressure air is heated to a high temperature (90℃) and contains much humidity in it. Therefore, it has to be drained in its storage tank when full of it. It also causes rust in pipings. Generation of such rust and failure of draining are the cause for defective operations, malfunctionings and many other inconveniences. The conventional countermeasures against these has been the use of low-pressure dehumidifier installed right before the control valve.

The High Pressure Air Dryer(4.5MPa) introduced here now will make it possible to dehumidify both the main air line and control air line when installed immediately after the air compressor, thus allowing thorough solution to various conventional problems. This solution corresponds to JG inspection and NK inspection in the marine applications.

The manufacturer of this product is SANWA Co., famous for its manufacture of the diesel engine-started air compressor with the capacity of up to 5,000 ps, having noticeable delivery records to the sewage disposal factories of various regions of the country. The company has started this year its full scaled sales promotion activities in the marine market. The machinery dealer Daiei holds the maximum confidence in this High Pressure Air Dryer(4.5MPa) and strongly recommends it to the users.

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